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Online pilates platform workout from home

Online Pilates that hits different.

We bring big vibes, high energy, maximum burn, and lots of lol's to every workout.

Sweat, laugh, and level up your home workout!

Don't settle for mediocre online workouts. Keep your standards high, even if you're sweating it out in your living room!

Our online workouts will make you burn, sweat and shake. We're not your average instructors, and these are not your average online classes. 

pilates home workout australia

Two instructors means twice the fun!

We’ve created an online workout experience that is just as much fun as working out in a physical studio.

Even though you're working out from home, you'll feel strong, energised, and finish with a big smile on your face every time you workout with us! 

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Class starts when you press play.

No timetables, no anxiety. It’s your workout on your schedule.

We use minimal equipment, and all workouts can be done with nothing but you and your mat. Pilates at home on your terms, anytime, anywhere, on any device. 

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Pilates online workout from home
online pilates australia fellow house

Fitness without a filter

If you're looking for vanilla, we are not your girls..

If you’re tired of boring home workouts, you are right where you need to be. We break a sweat, and a few rules too. 

Stevie Hucker and Sharee Wonders Online pilates platform
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" If you can stop laughing for five mins and participate it's an absolute ass burn" 

"I've done two workouts so far, and I'm hurting in places I didn't know existed!" 

" Thank you for creating such an authentic workout experience, I can't wait for the challenge.

Get more out of your online workout with our range of accessories.

Our accessories store has been designed to provide you with everything you need to make home pilates as effective as training in studio. 

home pilates accessories from Fellow House online
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