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Online pilates instructors Stevie and Sharee

Pilates at home, but not like you've ever done before.

We like our workouts hard, we like to get sweaty, and we love what we do.

We bring an online Pilates experience that is more than just a workout. We want to bring energy, strength, and joy to your life through our online workouts. We make home Pilates not only accessible, but the most fun you can have working out at home.

Home pilates instructors Sharee and Stevie

Meet your Instructors

When it comes to online Pilates and home workouts, the connection between instructor and participant isn’t any less essential than in studio.

Sharee and Stevie bring fun, burn and passion to every online workout. Their shared love for Pilates and bff banter, coupled with individual styles and backgrounds, creates an inspiring and motivating atmosphere that makes every session an experience to remember.



Finally! A challenging Pilates workout that encourages you to push yourself harder each set. After the first workout I was hooked, and I know that sounds typical to say, but it’s honest. Feeling stronger and leaner thanks to these beautiful women and their consistency to show up for me. So grateful to have found Sharee and Stevie!

- Rhi Smith

Stevie’s style of training is heavily focused on alignment and breath. Her classes are high energy and challenging with variations offered throughout the class. She welcomes everyone, and delivers a fun, strong and unique session.


- Storm de Smeth

I’ve had various trainers with different styles over the years and Sharee’s style of training is by far the best I’ve had. Sharee’s techniques will push your body, while ensuring every move and breath is done correctly to guarantee optimum results. Her classes are energetic, sweaty and will leave your muscles with a fire in them that will keep you coming back for more.

- Christa Dometakis

Stevie ~ She is welcoming. She is fun. She is motivating and she has a great sense of humour which makes her classes not too serious.
She will challenge you and you will love her for it. 
Finding Stevie was the best thing that has happened to my body and my mind.

- Rebecca Western

I’ve been training to with Stevie for over 12 months now, and the strength & body confidence I’ve gained during this time is a true testament to her. The energy she brings to each and every class is unmatched. Stevie pushes me outside of my comfort zone and that’s exactly what I need when it comes to my fitness journey.


- Kate Dunn

Sharee is one of the best Pilates instructors I have trained with. She is knowledgeable, full of energy and ready to give you a GREAT workout. Her classes are challenging and rewarding - catering to all levels from beginner to advanced. Since training with Sharee, I have noticed an improvement in my technique, posture, flexibility and I am feeling more confident in my skin! 

- Jaymee Martin

I absolutely love training with Stevie! Over the last year I have seen my body & mind become so much stronger through her style of training. Stevie always challenges me and I always look forward to what the next class holds!

- Sarah Nash

Sharee is not only the most incredible instructor, but an incredible mentor to her fellow instructors! She brings so much knowledge, with a focus on form into her Pilates classes. She brings the most beautiful warmth to the studio, and pushes you to do your best. She makes you burn while still having so much fun. I feel lengthened, toned and strong from her well thought-out class plans, that leave every client walking away with shaky legs and a big smile.


- Lauren O'Shea

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onlinde pilates instructors
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