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  • Do I need to have any equipment for Pilates?
    Equipment isn't essential to your workout, but having the basics is definitely worth it! A yoga mat and pilates ball are a good place to start, you'll find Pilates far more enjoyable and comfortable with just these two items. For those looking for a higher level of intensity, definitely consider ankle weights, resistance bands and sliders. We have all of these items available in our shop.
  • I've never done Pilates, will I be able to do these workouts?
    We perform the entire workout with you, so anyone can watch us and follow along. While our workouts are challenging, there is absolutely no pressure to keep up to our tempo. Always listen to your own body, and workout at your pace x
  • Are the workouts safe if I am pregnant, or have recently given birth?
    Pilates is a low-impact workout, and is generally considered safe during pregnancy. However you should always consult your preferred medical practioner before you start a new form of exercise, and as your pregnancy progresses. Always listen to your body, and if at any time somethingdoesn't feel right, stop your workout.
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