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Stevie grew up in country Victoria. She hasn’t always had the passion for fitness she does now, it wasn’t until after her first child was born that Stevie found a keen interest in weight training and yoga. The combination of strength and flexibility had her addicted to the movements, and how she could manipulate her physique and mindset. This is where her passion for overall strength and wellness began.


Stevie and her family later relocated to the Sunshine Coast and she immediately enrolled in yoga teacher training. Not long after she completed her mat Pilates training. Stevie fell completely in love with instructing, her passion has always been people, and she has always found motivating others and holding space to be extremely purposeful. Driven by that purpose, Stevie founded Fellow studios on the Sunshine Coast, a yoga and aesthetic training studio.


You can expect Stevie’s classes to be fun, loud and sweaty, with three elements of strength, flexibility and alignment.


She lives to push you out of your comfort zone and watch you surprise yourself.

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