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7 inch Pilates Sliders in black mesh carry case. 


We us the sliders in low-impact movements that target your core, thighs, quads and adductors. A great addition to add variety to your home workout. 


- Dual sided to work on any surface

- Lightweight and durable

- Shipped from Queensland, Australia

Pilates Sliders

$18.00 Regular Price
$7.20Sale Price

60% OFF

  • Pilates Sliders are revolutionising online Pilates routines, and our sliders are designed with your workout in mind. The dual-sided surface ensures smooth gliding on various floor types, allowing you to concentrate on your home Pilates session without hindrance. The ergonomic shape accommodates your hands and feet, empowering you to execute complex movements with grace and control.


    Though portable and lightweight, our sliders are constructed with durability in mind. They are designed to withstand the vigor of regular home Pilates workouts, offering consistent, high-quality performance.


    Cleaning and maintaining the Pilates Sliders is simple and efficient. The specially treated surface is resistant to sweat and can be wiped clean in moments, ready for your next intense workout session.


    Integrating these Pilates Sliders into your home Pilates sessions with Fellow House will open up a new world of exercise possibilities. The gliding resistance challenges your stability, coordination, and strength, enhancing the overall quality of your online fitness journey.

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